But "Petite” Does Not Mean “Skinny”.

If I were a Starbucks cup, I’d be tall.

Sometimes, I do wish that I can be a little more grande, but I have to admit there are several perks of being the "tall" that I am. For one, we petite gals tend to look younger than we actually are. We can pull off mini skirts and short dresses at almost any occasion, and wearing insanely high heels does not intimidate others as a result of being a giant in the crowd. Nevertheless, one of our biggest issues would be shopping for the right clothing to fit our smaller-than-average frame. 

According to fashion standards, petite sizes are designed to fit ladies who stand at the height of up to 5 feet 4, approximately 163cm. There is a common misconception, though, that being petite also means being skinny. This is due to the fact that the word "petite" does literally mean "tiny". In fact, petite ladies are not excluded from having a range of very different body types, and in addition to the issue of getting dresses and trousers to cut off at the right length, we do experience difficulties in finding the correct fit.

Before we chase away our vertically-blessed ladies, petite sizing can also apply to regular-height and taller girls due to different body proportions. If you have a shorter torso, petite tops work well as it cuts off better at the waist or hips depending on the length of the top. Also, for those who have a longer torso and shorter legs, a regular sized top can be paired with petite sized jeans or skirts to get that perfect length for your bottoms. Much can be saved from spending on alterations, or leaving those pair of jeans forgotten at the back of the closet, with incorporating quality pieces of petite clothing into your wardrobe.

Over the past couple of decades, more and more fashion retailers have been including a petite size range into their inventory, and several petite-only labels have also sprung up, which is a great relief. The fashion industry has also recognised that they had been neglecting the plus size market, which is now much celebrated by many body-positive influencers on social media. But there is still an overlooked category - the petite-plus. Many petite labels do not cater to sizes UK 14 and up, therefore petite-plus ladies still have to lug bags of clothing to their tailors for alterations.

To reduce this frustration, here at Kayelle, The Petite Label, we are striving to become a size-inclusive brand and hope to become a solution to our petite-shopping woes! Maxi dresses and long jumpsuits don’t have to be sweeping the floor or paired only with 5-inch heels. Crop tops can finally be actual crop tops and not a substitution for regular tops.

What issues do you encounter when you are shopping for outfits? We’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas on what you’d like to see in our next collection. Feel free to leave a comment!

Your Resident Shortie,



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